B2B Website Design

B2B Websites vs. B2C Websites

In contrast to B2C, B2B buyers are more methodical and have very different information needs. This is because B2B purchases have a more complex decision-making process due to the presence of multiple decision-makers, higher product pricing, and higher risk associated with product implementation.

Website Design Approaches We Offer

Growth Driven Design

A data-driven website design methodology that focuses on building high-performing websites that are continuously optimized for conversions. The process is divided in three main parts - strategy, launching a minimum viable website version, and continuous improvement period.

Business Benefits
  • Launch new website faster (45-90 days)
  • Continually improve performance after launch
  • Smaller upfront cost. Total cost is spread over a larger period.
  • Delivers marketing and sales insights

Traditional Web Design

This is the traditional website design process where we start with creating a strategy and defining the full scope of the website. After that, we design and develop everything that is required.

Business Benefits
  • Get all features and functionalities you want at once
  • No commitment to make changes after launching the website