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Beyond Redesign:
Crafting Success for Fadata
with HYPE’s GDD Methodology

New Design

01.08.2023 - 02.02.2024

Old Design

01.08.2022 - 02.02.2023

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Fadata is a leading provider of software solutions for insurance companies globally and has clients in over 30 countries across the globe. Headquartered in Munich, with international offices in more than 5 European cities, Fadata is backed by Private Equity Riverside and Lowell Minnick.   

  • Web Design
  • Motion Design
  • Illustration & Graphic Design
  • Development (with our partners’ help)

Fadata urgently needed to refresh their digital presence and sought HYPE’s expertise to modernize their website. HYPE’s main task was transforming Fadata’s website into a more agile platform with improved user experience. Key objectives included resolving performance issues, optimizing responsiveness across devices, and enhancing clarity in the user journey.


We implemented a comprehensive website redesign with Growth Driven Design (GDD) methodology, modernizing the brand identity and enhancing agility and performance. Reduced loading times and responsive design improved user experience and SEO rankings, while clear navigation and SEO enhancements drove engagement, reflecting Fadata’s dedication to user experience and accessibility.

Website Discovery & Prototyping

Utilizing the Growth Driven Design (GDD) methodology, we approached the redesign of Fadata’s website as an ongoing process rather than a one-time event, prioritizing continuous improvement based on real user data and feedback.
Through strategic phases, we ensure that the website evolves to meet user needs and business goals over time, enhancing user experience, performance, and providing long-term adaptability for our clients.

Methodology & Approach

Our journey began with a comprehensive understanding of Fadata Group’s goals and challenges. Through client surveys and feedback, a UX audit, and competitor analysis, we gathered crucial insights that laid the foundation for a data-driven redesign.


  • The GDD Dashboard acts as a strategic compass, aligning the website redesign with Fadata Group’s mission and business objectives.
  • Developed collaboratively with Fadata’s team, it comprises three integral parts: GDD Goals, Fundamental Assumptions, and Journey Map, encapsulating the essence of our Growth Driven Design methodology.

GDD Goals

  • Articulates Fadata’s overarching mission and strategy, outlining main plays to support commercial activities, existing customer relationships, and outreach to future employees, investors, and media.
  • Establishes measurable goals, providing a roadmap for strategic website enhancements that directly contribute to Fadata’s business objectives.

GDD Fundamental Assumptions

  • Identifies the Job To Be Done (JTBD), associated problems, and proposed solutions. Unveils push situations, anxieties, and triggers that influence decision-making.
  • Offers a deep understanding of Fadata’s challenges, enabling the creation of tailored solutions that address fundamental issues and align with user needs and anxieties.

GDD Journey Map

  • Maps the user’s journey from the awareness stage to post-implementation, identifying key stages, triggers, and informational needs.
  • Enables the creation of a user-centric website experience, anticipating user needs at each stage, and fostering a seamless journey from awareness to post-implementation delight.

GDD Personas

GDD Personas are representations of target users crafted through research and data analysis. These personas serve as valuable tools to understand user needs, behaviors, and preferences, guiding website optimization efforts for maximum impact.

Website Design: Visual Identity and Design Guidelines

In our collaboration, we revamped the website structure for clarity and simplicity, empowering users to navigate Fadata’s offerings effortlessly. We integrated the elegant Muller Next typeface for enhanced readability and adopted tailored imagery and icons, including animations and graphics, to capture Fadata’s identity.

Each visual element serves a purpose, contributing to a cohesive user journey. Key components like sliders, testimonials, and navigation menus were designed to enhance aesthetics and user-friendliness across all devices. Note: The color palette was predetermined by Fadata and integrated into the design.

Branding Beyond the Website: Additional Assets

Our commitment to enhancing Fadata’s brand extended beyond website redesign.
We developed essential branding assets to showcase their updated identity, including:

  • PowerPoint Presentations: Carefully designed templates for impactful presentations.
  • Word Templates: Thoughtfully crafted templates for written documents and reports.
  • Email Templates: Professionally designed templates for cohesive email communication.
  • Additional Elements: Modern business cards and vibrant visual assets for social media engagement.


In close collaboration with Fadata, our team at HYPE embarked on a comprehensive website redesign journey, breathing new life into our client’s online presence through the iterative and data-driven approach of Growth Driven Design (GDD). We tackled a range of challenges, from the modernization of Fadata’s brand identity to the need for a website overhaul to ensure agility and performance optimization.

The redesign resulted in an intuitive and responsive user experience, restructured user journeys, and an SEO-optimized website. Beyond the website, we also assisted the client by creating a diverse collection of essential assets, meeting their branding needs, and ensuring a cohesive brand image.

Modernization Imperative

Fadata’s brand identity and online presence were revitalized to align with contemporary design trends while maintaining brand consistency, an ongoing process within GDD.

Website Agility

A new, lighter website design empowered Fadata with quicker updates and improved user experiences, an iterative process of continuous improvement within GDD.

Performance Optimization

Loading times were reduced, enhancing user satisfaction and reducing bounce rates, an ongoing effort within GDD to optimize and refine performance continually.

Comprehensive Branding

A suite of branding assets was created to ensure a cohesive brand image across all communication channels, to adapt to changing branding needs and trends.

Partnering with HYPE on our website redesign was a good choice, especially leveraging their Growth-Driven Design methodology. I've witnessed firsthand how the website has become a dynamic tool, seamlessly aligning with our marketing objectives. We have a well-redesigned website which is now a strategic asset that consistently contributes to our growth targets and ensures profound knowledge-sharing.

Katrine Hertz Ostergaard

Katrine Hertz Ostergaard

VP Marketing, Fadata

Working with the GDD methodology on our website redesign has been a breath of fresh air. As a Marketing Manager, I appreciate the intuitive nature of the website management process. The website's structure, guided by Growth-Driven Design principles, ensures that content management aligns seamlessly with our marketing goals. The result is a website that not only looks fantastic but is a joy to work with, making my role as a Marketing Manager much more efficient and effective.

Klementina Andreeva

Klementina Andreeva

Marketing Manager, Fadata