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At HYPE we are dedicated to helping B2B companies engage more customers online by creating websites and marketing programs that are tailored to the needs of business to business buyers. We believe that if you want to have an online presence which is differentiating and at the same time effective, you need to find the best balance between creativity, technology and analytics. That’s why in all our projects we involve designer, strategists, marketers, technologists, and development.

You are in good hands

Borislav Tatarov

Head of Marketing

George Balinov

Head of Design

Emilia Petkova

Senior Account Executive

Christoper Enolpe

Unbounce Developer

Jam Padillo

Senior Wordpress Developer

Teodora Plamenova

Campaign Manager - Google Ads

Yordanka Mihaleva

Lead Conversion Designer

Alexandra Tankova

Lead Conversion Designer

Teodora Gigova

Lead Conversion Designer

Our in-house team of certified professionals aren’t just experts in their respective fields, but also exclusively experienced in B2B campaigns since 2016.

After thousands of A/B tests and millions in ad spend, we’ve developed FastTrack™ – the ultimate B2B lead generation framework, which is tested and proven to work every single time.

FastTrack™ incorporates all the best practices and strategies that have proven to work – everything a B2B company needs in order to generate quality leads like clockwork.

This framework has generated thousands of leads for companies in any size – from boutique enterprise service providers to multinational publicly traded companies.


Conversion Driven Design

Turn your website into a lead-generating machine

b2b Marketing funnels

Generate a consistent flow of leads and sales opportunities

our culture

Data Driven

We believe that if you operate in a digital environment every decision has to be based on data. All internal suggestions go through the “What will be the results of implementing this?” test, then we rely on a/b testing, research, and user validation to maximize conversions.


Our projects are executed according to agile best practices. This means we rely on customer collaboration over contract negotiation, human interaction over process and tools, as well as working solutions over comprehensive documentation.


We are firm believers that regular communication keeps projects on track and on target. So expect to hear from us at least once per week to hear about project status, campaign performance, or just to discuss an idea.


Fun + Communication – we coined this one ourselves. The best ideas are born in teams where people can have fun together and communicate like friends.

Open Mindedness

Everyone in the company has a say in what we do. We consider every suggestion valid until proven wrong.

Open Mindedness

Everyone in the company has a say in what we do. We consider every suggestion valid until proven wrong.