Case Study

Conversion-increasing overhaul for semantic technology company Ontotext

Before & After


Ontotext is a semantic technology company that aims to put enterprises back in control of their knowledge assets and to help them run, grow and evolve their business efficiently. Some of their clients are BBC, Financial Times and Fujitsu.


Although their current website was performing well, Ontotext approached our team with the need of a complete redesign and rebuild. The main reason was to improve the overall performance of the site, and further improve the overall conversion.


In order to meet Ontotext’s needs and goals, again we relied on the Growth-Driven Design (GDD) approch. We built and optimized the performance of the website based on the data gathered from website visitors. In doing so, we managed to create a launchpad website that was focused entirely on conversion and lead generation. After a fast launch in only 2 months, we are now in the phase of continuous improvements and optimizations.

Discovery & Prototyping

Since the project timeline was really tight, we relied on a Growth-Driven Design process. We managed to launch an initial version of the website in about 2 months, and spent about 1 more month polishing and improving.


  • Mapping the current structure and suggesting improvements in a Site Map
  • Lo-fi (wireframe) clickable prototype with 2 rounds of revisions
  • Hi-fi clickable prototype of the final design with 2 rounds of revisions

Website Design

  • Used the existing website as a foundation
  • Applied conversion optimization tactics for layout, content and call-to-actions (CTAs)
  • Implementation of multi-step forms for higher conversion
  • Introduced the new visual branding in the website design


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