Growth-Driven Website Design

Growth Driven Design (GDD) is a modern web design approach which aims to eliminate some of the inefficiencies related to traditional website design approach. One of the main goals of GDD is to reduce the time and cost needed for launching a new website so that businesses can go to market faster and start gathering actionable customer insights through their new website. The other key goal of GDD is to optimize website performance by continuously introducing
improvements which are based on data gathered from actual website users.


Launch Quickly

We apply agile development principles to shorten the time to market for your website. We do that by focusing on real impact rather than website bloated with functionalities with uncertain value.

Continually Improve Performance

In contrast to traditional design where you launch a website and don’t touch it for 1-2 years, GDD relies on constant optimization to get you as closer to your business goals as possible. This means that immediately after launching the initial version of your website we start researching, testing and learning so we can introduce improvements to conversions and user experience.

Smaller Upfront Cost

Since with GDD the effort for creating and optimizing a website is spread over a longer period of time, at least 6-12 months, there is no large upfront cost.

Inform Marketing and Sales

The GDD process relies heavily on data collection and analysis of audience behaviour. This results in insights about prospect preferences which you can leverage in your marketing and sales communication.


The Growth-Driven Design process is divided in two main phases. During Phase 1 we create the foundation which includes the strategy and the initial launchpad version of your website. During Phase 2 we leverage the insights gathered during strategy creation and from the already working launchpad to come up with ideas for improvements, implement them and observe their effect.


The goal of the strategy step is to capture all important information about your business and define the scope of the project. Some of the things we do are set clear goals, define buyer personas, conduct quantitative and qualitative research, as well as create a wishlist with as many ideas about website features and functionalities as possible.

Launchpad Website

After having an extensive list with potential features and functionalities for your website we then prioritize the things that will have the highest impact. This prioritized list of items is the basis upon which we build your Launchpad.

Continuous Improvement

After your Launchpad website is live we turn our attention to choosing, implementing and testing things which can improve the performance of your website in terms of conversion rate and user experience. The sources we use to generate ideas are the remaining items that didn’t go into the Launchpad and insights gathered from the already functioning Launchpad.