Case Study

Helping one of Europe’s leading Microsoft Dynamics partners redesign their online presence


Intelligent Systems is the leading Microsoft Dynamics partner in Central and Eastern Europe and part of the Inner Circle – the highest recognition given to only 60 out of more than 10 000 Microsoft Dynamics Partners worldwide. They have more than 150 certified professionals that will ensure you’ll have the best working business solution, and their portfolio of projects impress with more than 350 completed implementations in 35 countries.


As a new company in the industry, Clockwise had to show off their different and unique model for renting offices, which is one of their main advantages compared to their competitors. Clockwise needed to build a “co-working” community by using their website, so they needed a fresh and cool look, but at the same time address and resolve the main pains of their potential customers, which are searching for a new working space. It was important as well, to integrate the website with their co-working space management tool – Office RnD, in order to keep all current and future customers in a single place.


Since the company is brand new, we’ve decided that one of the main goals of the project is to attract new visitors and build a “co-working” community. Our competitive research has shown that this is one of the most important things, when building a shared office. This is why we have created a website, which was optimized to drive traffic from search engines and provide a friendly user experience that pushes the visitors towards the desired goal.


Based on the initial discussions and data we collected from the current version of the website, we defined three main areas to focus on – Improve flows leading to the main CTAs, Improve the mobile version of the website and design a clean and engaging user interface that reflects a modern look and feel. With those goals in mind, we did desk research on Intelligent Systems’ top competitors and analyzed the pros and cons of their website’s features and positioning. This allowed us to map out our own positioning strategy that will make the website stand out.


With the strategy in place, our web design team started working on the low-fi prototype of the website. The biggest challenge we faced was to present a wide range of solutions and services in a clear and intuitive way, without making it too complicated. We experimented with a number of layouts and flows to figure out which one works best. Thanks to the efforts and close collaboration between us and Intelligent Systems’ teams, a few rounds of revisions were enough to produce the final version of the low-fi prototype. The prototype encompassed all three responsive resolutions, so we can get a real feel of how the website looks like on all devices. The resulting layout gave a clear direction to visitors and supported them in each step by strong call-to-action, customer-oriented navigation and clean user interface.

Visual Design

What is the design that can outline the company as a leading Microsoft Partner and make a statement? We prepared inspirational boards that included a wide range of design components with the aim of understanding in depth the perceptions of the microsoft industry and hit the ground running with the first round of visuals. As a result, we applied the Metro design language combining it with large images and typography. Each interactive element was designed to appear clickable without any distractions. Motion design and animations were also included to support visitor flows and increase engagement..

Branding Resources

To ensure the visual consistency of the brand, we also redesigned all internal and external branding resources. Corporate brochures, presentations, proposals, status reports, letterheads and excel templates were all aligned with the new look and feel to support ongoing communication.


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