Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Who will I be communicating for this project?

Your Account Manager will be in-charge of communicating your project updates to you.

Q: What will be the medium of communication?

All project updates will be communicated via email and project meetings will be via Google Meet.

Q: How will the project communication proceed?

To ensure that you are guided accordingly, we will be setting up 3 short phone calls with you, each for a different purpose:

Phone Call 1. To discuss the FAQs in order to correctly set your
expectations about the project.

Phone Call 2. To discuss the Campaign Brief before you fill it out and to
evaluate the current Corporate Assets that you have.

Phone Call 3. To discuss the filled out Campaign Brief before finally
proceeding to the Web Design stage.

Q: How to schedule a meeting?

To schedule a meeting, simply contact your Account Manager via email stating your date and time of availability, and he/she will send you a Google Meet invitation.



Q: How to request a task to Hype?

To request a task to Hype, simply log your request in the Task Request Sheet that your Account Manager will forward to you at the start of the campaign.

Website Development

Q: What is the process of designing a website?

Below are the steps in designing a website…

Step 1. We will create a Sitemap and Outline of your website based on the information you provided us at the initial planning stage.

Sitemap refers to the list of pages, menus, sub-menus, and sections of a website.

Outline refers to how the content will be structured to give a cohesive idea about the website’s products/services.

Step 2. We then get your approval for those two and make changes as needed.

Step 3. Once the Sitemap and the Outline are approved, we will start drafting the Wireframe and the Mood Board.

Wireframe refers to the blueprint of your website where images, icons, texts, and etc. will be represented by a corresponding symbol.

Mood Board refers to the collection of sample websites, icons, menus, and other elements that will be used on your website to achieve the “Look & Feel” that you want.

Step 4. When the Wireframes and Mood Board are completed, we will send you a link that you can access, so you can leave your comments on each of the elements and we can make changes accordingly.

Step 5. Once the Wireframes & Mood Board are approved, we will proceed with drafting the Design Mockup.

Mockup is basically the look of your actual website without the clickable functions, think of it as a screenshot of your website.

Step 6. Once the Mockup has been completed, we will send you a link where you can check it out and leave comments if needed.

Step 7. We will proceed with the Front-end and Back-end Development of the website after you’ve approved the Mockups.

Front-end Development refers to the process of making visual elements so the website users can click and interact with them. Example: making a button clickable and redirect to another page

Back-end Development refers to the “behind-the-scenes” functionalities of the website. Example: Connecting a website form to a CRM

*Please note this step takes the biggest chunk in the number of hours required to work.

Step 8. When the Development stage has been completed, we will proceed with QA. This is to ensure that the website conforms to Hype’s quality standards.

Step 9. Your website will also go through a Testing stage to make sure that it works on multiple browsers and devices.

Step 10. When all Tests have been completed, we will send you a link to show you the finished website and we will get your approval for the launch.

Q: What will be my input in this project?

We will need your help in collating the information that we need to design and develop the website. Among these are the following: a high-resolution logo, brand guidelines, text content, videos/images, and any other resources you’d like us to include on your website. You will receive a list of all the information that we will need once we are done assessing your brand assets.

Q: When can we get the project started?

We will start working on your website as soon as you provide us with the signed contract/agreement.

Q: When will the project be finished?

Your project will be divided into several stages, and each stage will have its corresponding Due Date, but the Marketing Director and your Account Manager will give you a definite Launch Date (also called the Project End Date).

*Please note that task due dates will be automatically pushed back in case of a delay in giving us the information that we need. To avoid delay in the Launch Date, we highly recommend providing us with the feedback that we require within the first 48 hours.

Q: Will my website be mobile-friendly?

Yes, all websites made by Hype are compatible with multiple mobile devices and multiple browsers.


Q: What kind of reporting would we have?

Web Design. You will get a Weekly Progress Report while the project is ongoing, which will contain the Tasks for the Week, Tasks Completed for the Week, Tasks for Next Week, Project Issues, and our Recommendations on how to resolve the issues. A Close-Out Report will also be provided to you once the project has been completed and fully turned over.

Marketing Campaigns. A Campaign Performance Report in spreadsheet format will be sent to you after your campaign has been launched. Such a sheet will be updated weekly to keep you well-informed on the progress of your campaign.


Q: What is the process of launching a marketing campaign?

Step 1. Once we have completely defined the campaign details in the Case Study Outline, we will now proceed with creating the Campaign Assets like the banners, banner texts, ad copies, and the like. Depending on your campaign goal, we may need to create a lead magnet prior to creating the other campaign assets.

Step 2: When the campaign assets are ready, your Account Manager will set-up the campaign on the agreed Ad Platform (LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, etc.) using the agreed Ad Audience Criteria (Location, Company Size, Job Titles, etc.).

Step 3. Once Step 2 has been completed, your Account Manager will contact you so you can review the campaign assets along with the actual campaign itself before finally launching it.

Step 4: Your Account Manager will optimize your campaigns weekly in order to ensure that your campaign is on the right track towards achieving your campaign goals. A campaign may need to be optimized more than once a week if deemed necessary.

Step 5: After launching the campaign, your Account Manager will give you a spreadsheet link where you can see the Weekly Campaign Performance. Such a report will indicate the Amount Spent for the week, the number of Impressions, Clicks, Leads, and the like.

Q: Can you elaborate on the marketing terms?

Impressions refers to the times when the ad was shown to the audience.

Cost Per Mile refers to the cost incurred for every 1,000 Impressions.

Cost Per Click refers to the cost incurred each time someone clicks the ad.

Cost Per Lead (Cost per Result) refers to the cost incurred each time a customer signs up for the offer.

Click-Through Rate refers to the percentage of people clicking on the ad versus the number of people who have seen the ad.

Conversion occurs when someone from your target audience completes your desired goal.

Ad Spend refers to the amount of money spent in running the ads.
Lead Magnet refers to the free item/service that is given away in exchange for the audience’s contact details.

Ad Banner refers to the images used in the ads to attract the attention of the audience.

Ad Banner Text refers to the text that is written on the Ad Banner itself to help catch the audience’s attention.

Ad Copy (Ad Text) refers to the written description of the Ad’s offer.

Q: How much should my budget be?

Firstly, it depends on how much you are willing to spend, but we will make our recommendations on the Ad Budget once the Campaign Goal and Target Audience have been clearly defined.

Access Requests

Q: If I give you my website credentials and other company information, what is my assurance that you won’t give them away?

At Hype, we practice safe storage of information among all our clients. In everything that we do, we make sure that we are working within the GDPR limits. Along with this, we will also provide you with a signed NDA so there is a written proof of our agreement.