B2B Branding

We create visual identities that help shorten the distance between your businesses and decision makers.

Why is B2B Branding as Important as B2C?

Contrary to conventional belief that B2B buyers rely only on hard data and are very rational, visual identity plays a key role in the purchasing process. It helps you convey to customers how well your company understand their needs and the business context they operate in. Accurate and consistent branding also shows your attention to detail which is crucial in business to business relationships.

What we offer

Logo Design

To ensure you logo matches your brand strategy and business goals we go through a strict process of researching, moodboarding and sketching, after which we provide up to 5 design proposals.


We design all stationary materials required for your business processes, like business cards, letterheads and slide presentations.


To help you make the most of your new branding and apply is consistently we document each and every branding element, like colors, sizes and typography. and provide instructions for its use.


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