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B2B Websites vs. B2C Websites

In contrast to B2C, B2B buyers are more methodical and have very different information needs. This is because B2B purchases have a more complex decision-making process due to the presence of multiple decision makers, higher product price, and higher risk associated with product implementation.

At HYPE we deliver modern online experiences ready for the considerate buying decisions. We help businesses facilitate customer evaluation by creating websites that deliver quick access to important information, intuitive navigation, and engaging calls to action.

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Website Design Approaches We Offer

Growth Driven Design

A data-driven website design methodology which focuses on building high-performing websites which are continuously optimized for conversions. The process is split in three main parts - strategy, launching a minimum viable website version, and continuous improvement period.

Bussines Benefits
  • Launch new website faster (45-90 days)
  • Continually improve performance after launch
  • Smaller upfront cost. Total cost is spread over a larger period.
  • Delivers marketing and sales insights

Traditional Web Design

This is the traditional website design process where we start with creating a strategy and defining the full scope of the website. After that we design and develop everything that is required.

Bussines Benefits
  • Get all features and functionalities you want at once
  • No commitment to make changes after launching the website
Growth-drived design
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